Friday, April 3, 2009

Casper Whitewater Park, North Platte Release 4K

Twice a year the North Platte River outside Casper Wyo has flucuating release, from Grey Reef and Alcova, that reach the Casper Whitewater park from 3:00 till dark. The flows flucuate between a min of 500 cfs and a max of 4000 cfs which is a good start to a great time. The Casper park is a big water park most of the features are good at between 2k and excellent at 5k. Here's a couple of pics of the 4k from this last week, only a couple good days due to continual snowfall. Total of four features, all have some sort of play at this level., whether it be down river, green waves, holes, wave holes, mini barrels.

Luke dropping into Paradice(top feature). middle has a nasty little backed up hydraulic.

Luke- running Macho Munchies(3rd feature)

At about 4500cfs Macho Munchies turns into a kickass wave. You can actually surf the green wave at this level, beautiful wave. Blunts and spins are also possible. The hole will hold and is partial to keeping boats in for long rides.

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