Friday, April 3, 2009

Fremont Canyon, Wyo

Fremont Canyon could be considered the Black Canyon or Pandoras Box of Wyoming if it had some water. Flows yearround 73-75 cfs from Pathfinder Dam to Alcova reservoir due to water being taken underground for electricity generation. Due to seives and not enough water flow the gorged out canyon is beautiful yet hardly called whitewater. the upper canyon before the gorged out section has the John Fremont boof( named after the original 1st D by John Fremont and crew way back when in the date of wood army boats.) Could be combined in a double day with Mircle Mile, south of Pathfinder Reservoir and putins at Cortez dam.

Upper Section at the end of the Farm Country class III

Luke - John Fremont Boof

Luke- John Fremont boof

above the car sized boulder section

looking back at the car sized boulder section

some grantie
end of the upper and start of the gorge.

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riverdan said...

Looks awesome. do you think a raft could get down at normal flows? obviously portages would be required regardless...