Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bluegrass Creek, Wyoming


Bluegrass is a very unique gem with beautiful drops in the most unlikely of places! located in the Laramie Range. some pics of 514 cfs which is the wheatland #2 outflow which is tunneled underground to the ditch where it comes out of the tunnel. the ditch isn't a natural stream bed so be careful in the first 1/2 section.

Stampede Breakfast Boof- Mike Perry, pic by Luke Sutton

514cfs is nearly eddlyless for the first 1/2 mile and damn near out of control for somewhat normal creek bed. vote between 240 cfs to 514 is hit to it high and juicy!

S turn directly above Bucking Bronco, tiny blurb is Mike Perry

switch boof on Bucking Bronco - Mike Perry, pic by Luke Sutton

Another Poudre video with Luke first time on Whiteline,different level and angles from earlier poudre vid. also some Bluegrass vid at highwater to mix it up, Bluegrass season is here. batteries died on bluegrass in the middle of the goods so only have the first 2 drops and alittle of the run out. enjoy

August Blues, sort of..... from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackson Juniors.

Wyoming Whitewater Championships, Jackson Hole Snake River. just couple pics of the juniors ripping Kings Wave. These kids are the next generation of Wyoming Paddlers. Rendezvous River Sports and the Jackson Kayak Club do a hell of a good job with the program in Jackson. keep ripping

Air Max


Early season ricon mission...Laramie Range

Do or Die

barely wide enough but should go with alittle more water.

Sheep Eater Falls(right is nasty)
couple boofs below do or die is this sweet looking waterfall into a cauldron, 12 footer w/ shallow LZ on the left

standing on the same rock as above looking down stream at the beautiful hidden paradise.

Luke and I went looking for some goods one rainey weekend. After a decent drive through the mud and country side aproaching an ominous mountain we drove to our destination. hiked 2 miles to find that we've been skunked by a a flow 2 inchs lower than needed for a low run through. But found another possible early season classic.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

assorted goods

Black Magic Women from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

some mixed vid's; Falls Creek, Grey's River Boatercross, Gallatin River, Middle Fork Popo Agie River, Fremont Canyon and Miracle Mile of North Platte River.

Friday, June 26, 2009

MirAcle Mile, North Platte River

Lukea putting on below Kortez Reservoir

Good ol mirAcle was running high. Luke decided to motivate and we went 2 days in a row after work. It is located about 1.5 hours south of Casper between Kortez and Pathfinder Reservoirs The Platte was being released at 4300 cfs through the Kortez Dam. The run which turned out to be a awsome class III, with one fun IV with possible seive consequences, was a great time and would be fun for beginners. To say the least... miricle mile is good stuff with more than likely anything over 3000 possibly 2400. one really sweet drop to run with a seive and a nasty hole down the gut was the drop immediately after putting in. We were also rewarded with a sweet play wave near the put in. luke decided to name it Miner Delight cause he was sure delighted to find such a sick wave and there's a actual Gold Mine less than half mile south east. don't know the beta on when the wave is running but will try to keep some tabs. just under 4k was good and same with 4300cfs. Multiple take out and put in options are available. BLM camping is available almost down the entire run.

Kortez the Killa(seive on river right)

water coming through the seive between 2 big rocks. entire drop looks pretty small in this pic

Miner's Delight

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bates Creek, Casper Wyo.

Bates Creek, Casper, Wyo.
IV's,V's(V+, NR)
1st D Pat Toft, Mike Perry 05/02/09

Putin in looking at the south west face of the Deer Creek Range(headwaters)simulator gorge, looking downstream. good class IV, and some techy pool drop V w/pin spots.
After the simulator theres a mile or mile and half of bluegrass veriety III ranch creeking. Some boulders but enough to keep you busy. The walls of the canyon are clearly visable as you paddle up and it gives a sense of adventure, good and bad.... 150 was min for the gorge and 240 would have made it alots of fun. The gorge walls start working there way sooner than expected with the gradient picking increasing till the gorge proper.

Pat Toft Micro Machine

beautiful colors in the gorge.. life is everywhere. and we are livin it.

sorry for the trees, looking down into the already pretty walled up gorge, with view of the canyon rim.

most of the water inbetween looked like this pretty busy and desperately in need of more cfs.

Pat Toft solitude on Bates Creek.

Pat Toft running don't swim

Captain Crunch unrunnable at anything under 225 cfs to be safe. ledge and rock in the middle left and right could possible go. easily portageable right left at low flows don't know about eddie access when flows come up. more good class V in spots and IV and III for the remaining couple of miles to the take out bridge.

The take out bridge and the level. The top of bottom beam would be ideal and this is why.

overall if i had the option of running this creek again at the same flow id have my shit ready in 2 minutes.. road access does partially limites those with 4 wheel drive only and it is so worth the work. private property so im not going to post access for all on this little gem.. if deer is to high and same with boxelder chance are this could be killer.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Box Elder Creek

SOLITUDE at the Electrik Slide

Glenrock Wyoming.

Pics by Mike Perry Boater: Austin Woody
Wild Turkey

Electrik Slide


Loaf in the distance, on the right, looking small; almost out. pic By Luke.

Putting on in at the edge of the dense foam ,at the bottom of the second drop. Looking at the hike out and at the top ,next to the rock outcropping, is the parking. Funny Right.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boxelder Creek afterwork run to Wild Turkey

Boxelder Creek is like a women. Some pleasure and whole lot of pain. 100 min is the lowest for enjoyment, if only paddling to wild turkey. The more water the more padded and of coarse more pushy. 150 min is doable for the rest of the canyon including hairy beaver, possibly loaf and of coarse electric slide and dungball. take a look into the nasty before commiting to far.

some pics of monday 4-13-09

first 2 drops on triple scoop

mike rocket launcher pic by luke

mike wild turkey pic by luke

Fremont bridge to bridge.

Fremont Canyon-Paradise. Here's some pics of the inside of the gorge.

David Schmitt

Fremont canyon is beautiful. thats all i can say.

David and Jason

D Schmitt big rock portage

this is why we portaged under the big rocks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fremont Canyon, Wyo

Fremont Canyon could be considered the Black Canyon or Pandoras Box of Wyoming if it had some water. Flows yearround 73-75 cfs from Pathfinder Dam to Alcova reservoir due to water being taken underground for electricity generation. Due to seives and not enough water flow the gorged out canyon is beautiful yet hardly called whitewater. the upper canyon before the gorged out section has the John Fremont boof( named after the original 1st D by John Fremont and crew way back when in the date of wood army boats.) Could be combined in a double day with Mircle Mile, south of Pathfinder Reservoir and putins at Cortez dam.

Upper Section at the end of the Farm Country class III

Luke - John Fremont Boof

Luke- John Fremont boof

above the car sized boulder section

looking back at the car sized boulder section

some grantie
end of the upper and start of the gorge.