Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brown Bags, CowPatty 25' creek bag

Brown Bags CowPatty. 3300lb test Edelweiss Nylon rope. Water resistant treated. 25' for quick action in creeks or multi use rope. Be Safe Be Brown! 30% profits go straight to AW or First Decents. The bags will look like CowPatty's and include a couple more peices of bright 1" webbing. The bottom pic is first prototype top two pics are actual product.

Monday, October 24, 2011

october goods

sweet hiking trip

another rad day down beartrap canyon

different aspect of the canyon

october has come and will be on its way shortly but not without blessing us with the last of its power from the spring. rad year to be a kayaker

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Schmitt

Running the Schmitt is a term my friends and I use regularly. This film brings you to Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho covering multiple classic runs like; Big Timber, Boxelder, Deer Creek, NFLW, "The Box", N.F. Payette, Blackfoot, Lower Mesa Falls, M.F. Popo Agie, Fremont Canyon and a couple more priceless gems. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I nearly forgot about this site. doing a fair amout of boating to say the least.

heres 9 vids from various awsome trips
Start off with the most recent trip which was this last weekend the 17th of September, Enjoy the rest of the season all. Click on "Vimeo" in the window of the Video to get HD version from Vimeo.

Wolverine Canyon of the Blackfoot

The Box, High Side of Good

North Fork of the Payette

The Pots

Quake Lake, Remix 69

Lower Mesa Falls and Lunch Counter Wave

North Fork of the Little Wind

Middle Fork of the Popo Agie

Gallatin Raft trip with my friends and Family

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Busy couple of weeks

Dillworth post treats..

Evan Stafford, David Kemper, Snug, Ted Keyes scouting with faith

I scored runs on lots of sweet classics recently, I took a trip down to the Winds in Wyoming and attempted to run NFLW which was juicy, as well as scored the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie. a week later my wife Britney and I took off to spend our Anniversary around Alpine Wyoming, I stomped mesa and had a great time throwing down at the infamous Lunch Counter, Britney and I enjoyed Granite creek together and than i hit the Greys shortly aftering packing up for the drive back to Bozeman. Week after that awsome trip, Woody got a group together for a high side of good Box mission. The Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River in that 22 mile section of whitewater known as the Box is the most awinspiring peice of earth this way of the mississippi. Ginormous cliffs that you kayak next to which def make the rapids feel smaller than they really are. simply amazing river with classic moves littered through it miles. Here's some Pics Enjoy

Jarod Alexander sweet inbetween nameless goodies

Nathan Golden stroke Double Duece

Snug and the rest of the crew Box camp

Notice the steller fleet of Liquid Logic boats, Remixes, Jefes, Grande, and a stomper

Neil Black ops Calander...

Crew baking in the Wyoming sun Lower Dillworth Box

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Upper Hyalite Creek

Upper Hyalite from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

Upper Hyalite at a stomping level. This is a killer novelty run in sense that it is a miro creek located on a fault zone. The creek cascades down a couple sweet drops through a canopy of trees. Watch the take out there is a sketchy log down stream of last couple eddies, actually theres a lot of wood period.

in the first drop after the eddy i pulled big log out of spearing position

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Macho Munchies

Went back to Casper for the 8th annual rodeo, and surfed the munch.. I cant ever get enough of this awsome wave!

Macho Munchies from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

Macho Munchies is the Schmitt in terms to how bad ass that piece of glass is! Here's Alex from Confluence; Brent, Ian, and Brooke with the Rendezvous group; and Luke Sutton, Jason Baker and Mike Perry the locals killing the Munchies with a main coarse of air. Platte River flow was 8k. Just like food you cant ever get enough of this wave! Enjoy and "Keep it classy San Diego"

"Best darn wave this way of the Mississippi" Cody OG

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Timber

Crazy Mountain Range

I meet up with some of my GYGK brethern for a sick day up Big Timber Creek. Scored some sick laps, flow was low and weather was typical of Montana.

Frazer stoked on Teagues underage Gambling

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beartrap Canyon of the Madison, Hyalite redone

Beartrap Canyon is a great run located on the lower reaches of the Madison River. 10 miles or so of scenic awsomeness and a couple big water rapids thrown in for good measure. flow was 4820 cfs and can continue to rise in my book. fun level.

than i felt like redoing the hyalite vid with a typical day up hyalite with the sun shinning. so here it is. HD vid will be uploaded when i get some more available uploads

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big T getting ready to go and the Gally is boomin

Big T season is about to be underway shortly

Going be a great season here on the Gallatin

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hyalite Creek solo

We got hit by a sweet rainstorm on the 24th. rained all day long. It also happened to be Davids Birthday. Out of nowhere I received a call from my neighbor Jason who decided he wanted to take me up to Hyalite for a lap, if the gate was open. I grabbed my shit and had it in the truck after he got done with his shift, at Northern Lights. As we drove up everything worked out, plenty of water in the creek, open gate at the bottom of the canyon, and a clean enough creek to kayak. At the putin I found out I didnt pack my skirt... as we are driving back down to go back to my place on the Gouch, three turns down the road, a kayaker named John rolls up the road. We flip er around and have a quick chat, only took 20 secs before John decided he was going to lend me his Holy skirt.. We drive back to the put in and I seal launch in to the frozen creek at 6:30pm for a chilly but well deserved and needed lap down Hyalite Creek. I feel like Schmitt wanted me to go creeking!

lots of boating going on..

going keep it short and sweet. lots of boating going on..
Lower Deer Creek was Killer again this year. heres a low side run

Hit up a section of Swan Creek, a tributary of the Gallatin, that my buddy Andy tipped me off to it last summer, Im calling it the Micro Mank from now on.. cant wait to see what high water looks like.

and heres a clip of the Laramie River after our Bluegrass skunk, some Big Sky boarding, some Fremont with my Sensi Pat Toft, a little four wheeling, and a run down the not so classic, south fork of the west fork of the Gallatin..

Passing of a Legend

David Schmitt was a killer dude in every aspect possible. He was a great friend, great member of his family, and sort of the guy who always went out of his way when doing anything. The sky was the limit with David and his smile brought happiness no matter the occasion. I will miss him deeply as well as the countless number of people he touched. We should all remember Dave for the awsome life he lived and the countless happy times he shared with all of us. Love you David, you are the Definition of a Legend my friend! i think i found your Kingpin!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Box Elder Creek

What was suppose to be 3 days of kayaking and 5 runs turned into, one dry river bed aka bluegrass with a missing bridge on the way to the put in. Being reluctent to take no for an answer; we knew 402 cfs was being released else where. We set for bluegrass hoping for a possible mid day release we ended up finding 400 cfs in a normally dewatered creekbed. Little does any one know the cement bridge you cross before turning off of tunnel road on the way to bluegrass is actually the natural stream bed of the Laramie River. We decided to put on and run a mile and hike back out due to the fact that the river consisted of 16 miles of a super willow infested creek like run. we checked some of the topos for the run and it looks to be an outstanding overnighter run. Once the Duck Creek road opens the access may decrease the length of the run to 10 miles. anyways ill try and show a little of the headcam so if anybody feels it nessecary to explore the run a bit more please feel free. Wish we had more time than just three days.
Second day of the trip consisted of a day on one of our favorite runs, Box Elder Creek. Our original plan was to make it back into the middle box for a second d of BS falls. Due to a 3 hour late start we were unable to make an attempt on the beautifully dangerous gorge down stream. however we were able to still make it an exciting day for everybody, myself included. David Schmitt and I popped four Box Elder Cherries that day and it was hard not to find a smile on any face. no broken boats, one swim on loaf, and one dropped boat on the hike out( not saying names...Smauk) flows were min but great for the middle of April considering Casper,Wyoming is north of Colorado. After a great run down the gorge we rested a bit before the steep hike back out to the car on top. Anybody going for the middle and lower should ask permission for land access before storming across the private land. He is a super nice gentleman from what i gathered when we were granted access to walk on his path from the creek to the county road. His land sits on the northwest side of the creek after you hit the dam. if you find a blue dry bag and a tripod hit us up..
Third day we decided to hit the park and throw some down river tricks in our creek boats at the Casper Whitewater park. Fremont was on the Agenda but without an idea of the flow we decided it be best to save it for a day when you can actually get a gauge reading on the gorge. Sat and Sun the North Platte Basin Teacup graphs read blank for everybodies info.
It turned out to be a great weekend regardless of the fact bluegrass was a skunk and a couple of the creeks werent quite primed for runoff. Soon enough the fruits of run off will be enjoyed! stay safe everybody

Mike first scoop of triple scoop

Chase with a quick shot of wild turkey

Jason hitting the electric boofs than about to kerplunk into the wall.

Schmitt thrown down the Dung

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fremont Canyon spring stout

Fremont Spring Stout from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

It was the end of March and i just scored my first strokes on quake. I still needed more so I decided to head down to my early season mecca, Casper Wyo! Joined with two of my good buddies, Luke Sutton and Austin Woody we rallied one of the best early season runs in my own opinion, in regards to amount of time and money available...Fremont Canyon is a tight little gorge 45 mins south of Casper. The difficulty of the run is dramtically affected by the presence of sieves which come into play at different levels. Because of this, the last drop ,guarding the exit of the gorge, becomes mandatory at certain levels as well as unscoutable from with in the gorge, this gorge lies above the steel bridge. At 1800, the flow in this edit, the two drops above geranimo are easy class IV with low consequence, the top gorge with the john fremont feature have a similartiy to that of Cross Mountain Gorge with a easy III+ rating allow any one to soak in the scenery after a great blast of water at the start of the canyon.. Cheers to a great season ahead! Stay Safe

Monday, March 28, 2011

March lap on Quake

Everybody including myself seems stoked for the year to come. Heres my first strokes of 2011, little late but at least its got enough juice to get me off the board and back into a boat.

Quake and Bake from Mike Perry on Vimeo.