Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009 kick off party

Cody Wyoming. Shoshone Canyon, low 400 cfs 03-21-09
class III,IV

This blog is intended to help get some of the casper area and other wyoming creeks into the scoup of others so you can have the chance of enjoying them as well. It will also help serve as a half way wyoming creek and river guide if need be. This is not intended to tell you were to boat or how to boat it only a reference for creeks and rivers. Enjoy

Wyoming legend Ed Conning with the correct form on the rock boof at the put in to the upper upper canyon. This is the seived out Rock referenced in the New Testement by Cutch and Stafford.

The upper Shoshone is very unique to say the least. with year-round flows of about 100-150 cfs, it makes it a great early season/ creek practice and its a great run period.

The upper contains couple 2-3 foot ledge drops and couple 4 feet drops and one good 6 footer. The bad part is it only lasts about 1/3 mile. At the end of the creeky section the power plant puts in the rest of the water depending on flow.

Robert Grant- in the pool in the middle of "Top Drop"

Steve and Ed from cody. David on the shelf and Robert in the hole

David Schmitt "Head Job"

Steve and crew at the bottom of "Iron Curtain"

Great trip and great turnout for early season wyoming. I would like to have taken more pics of the lower canyon which contains entrance exam, customs, iron curtain and a good juicy rapid called Pinball. don't think to lightly of the class III Entrance Exam we had a close encounter with the undercut wall resulting in a yardsell and what could have been a horrible swim.

Take out: is off Demaris road near the end of town and the beginning of the mouth of the canyon. head north towards the river staying left on the forks.

Put in: is either at the Hayden's bridge for the lower canyon and at the drainage culvert on the north side of the highway at the pull off nearly parallel to the power plant. DO NOT SLIDE down the culvert. Once down you can either carry across the bridge to put in above s-turn or you can continue on the road for about 1/3 mile until you walk through the tunnel. immediately after the tunnel to your left you will see the seive and big rock you put in on.

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