Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bates Creek, Casper Wyo.

Bates Creek, Casper, Wyo.
IV's,V's(V+, NR)
1st D Pat Toft, Mike Perry 05/02/09

Putin in looking at the south west face of the Deer Creek Range(headwaters)simulator gorge, looking downstream. good class IV, and some techy pool drop V w/pin spots.
After the simulator theres a mile or mile and half of bluegrass veriety III ranch creeking. Some boulders but enough to keep you busy. The walls of the canyon are clearly visable as you paddle up and it gives a sense of adventure, good and bad.... 150 was min for the gorge and 240 would have made it alots of fun. The gorge walls start working there way sooner than expected with the gradient picking increasing till the gorge proper.

Pat Toft Micro Machine

beautiful colors in the gorge.. life is everywhere. and we are livin it.

sorry for the trees, looking down into the already pretty walled up gorge, with view of the canyon rim.

most of the water inbetween looked like this pretty busy and desperately in need of more cfs.

Pat Toft solitude on Bates Creek.

Pat Toft running don't swim

Captain Crunch unrunnable at anything under 225 cfs to be safe. ledge and rock in the middle left and right could possible go. easily portageable right left at low flows don't know about eddie access when flows come up. more good class V in spots and IV and III for the remaining couple of miles to the take out bridge.

The take out bridge and the level. The top of bottom beam would be ideal and this is why.

overall if i had the option of running this creek again at the same flow id have my shit ready in 2 minutes.. road access does partially limites those with 4 wheel drive only and it is so worth the work. private property so im not going to post access for all on this little gem.. if deer is to high and same with boxelder chance are this could be killer.


waiting4love said...

What an adventure! How were the photos taken? I love this blog!

caspermike said...

i take most of the pics... the dude in the blue... thanks for your comment... its my way to stay personally motivated..