Friday, June 26, 2009

MirAcle Mile, North Platte River

Lukea putting on below Kortez Reservoir

Good ol mirAcle was running high. Luke decided to motivate and we went 2 days in a row after work. It is located about 1.5 hours south of Casper between Kortez and Pathfinder Reservoirs The Platte was being released at 4300 cfs through the Kortez Dam. The run which turned out to be a awsome class III, with one fun IV with possible seive consequences, was a great time and would be fun for beginners. To say the least... miricle mile is good stuff with more than likely anything over 3000 possibly 2400. one really sweet drop to run with a seive and a nasty hole down the gut was the drop immediately after putting in. We were also rewarded with a sweet play wave near the put in. luke decided to name it Miner Delight cause he was sure delighted to find such a sick wave and there's a actual Gold Mine less than half mile south east. don't know the beta on when the wave is running but will try to keep some tabs. just under 4k was good and same with 4300cfs. Multiple take out and put in options are available. BLM camping is available almost down the entire run.

Kortez the Killa(seive on river right)

water coming through the seive between 2 big rocks. entire drop looks pretty small in this pic

Miner's Delight

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