Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Box Elder Creek

What was suppose to be 3 days of kayaking and 5 runs turned into, one dry river bed aka bluegrass with a missing bridge on the way to the put in. Being reluctent to take no for an answer; we knew 402 cfs was being released else where. We set for bluegrass hoping for a possible mid day release we ended up finding 400 cfs in a normally dewatered creekbed. Little does any one know the cement bridge you cross before turning off of tunnel road on the way to bluegrass is actually the natural stream bed of the Laramie River. We decided to put on and run a mile and hike back out due to the fact that the river consisted of 16 miles of a super willow infested creek like run. we checked some of the topos for the run and it looks to be an outstanding overnighter run. Once the Duck Creek road opens the access may decrease the length of the run to 10 miles. anyways ill try and show a little of the headcam so if anybody feels it nessecary to explore the run a bit more please feel free. Wish we had more time than just three days.
Second day of the trip consisted of a day on one of our favorite runs, Box Elder Creek. Our original plan was to make it back into the middle box for a second d of BS falls. Due to a 3 hour late start we were unable to make an attempt on the beautifully dangerous gorge down stream. however we were able to still make it an exciting day for everybody, myself included. David Schmitt and I popped four Box Elder Cherries that day and it was hard not to find a smile on any face. no broken boats, one swim on loaf, and one dropped boat on the hike out( not saying names...Smauk) flows were min but great for the middle of April considering Casper,Wyoming is north of Colorado. After a great run down the gorge we rested a bit before the steep hike back out to the car on top. Anybody going for the middle and lower should ask permission for land access before storming across the private land. He is a super nice gentleman from what i gathered when we were granted access to walk on his path from the creek to the county road. His land sits on the northwest side of the creek after you hit the dam. if you find a blue dry bag and a tripod hit us up..
Third day we decided to hit the park and throw some down river tricks in our creek boats at the Casper Whitewater park. Fremont was on the Agenda but without an idea of the flow we decided it be best to save it for a day when you can actually get a gauge reading on the gorge. Sat and Sun the North Platte Basin Teacup graphs read blank for everybodies info.
It turned out to be a great weekend regardless of the fact bluegrass was a skunk and a couple of the creeks werent quite primed for runoff. Soon enough the fruits of run off will be enjoyed! stay safe everybody

Mike first scoop of triple scoop

Chase with a quick shot of wild turkey

Jason hitting the electric boofs than about to kerplunk into the wall.

Schmitt thrown down the Dung

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