Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hyalite Creek solo

We got hit by a sweet rainstorm on the 24th. rained all day long. It also happened to be Davids Birthday. Out of nowhere I received a call from my neighbor Jason who decided he wanted to take me up to Hyalite for a lap, if the gate was open. I grabbed my shit and had it in the truck after he got done with his shift, at Northern Lights. As we drove up everything worked out, plenty of water in the creek, open gate at the bottom of the canyon, and a clean enough creek to kayak. At the putin I found out I didnt pack my skirt... as we are driving back down to go back to my place on the Gouch, three turns down the road, a kayaker named John rolls up the road. We flip er around and have a quick chat, only took 20 secs before John decided he was going to lend me his Holy skirt.. We drive back to the put in and I seal launch in to the frozen creek at 6:30pm for a chilly but well deserved and needed lap down Hyalite Creek. I feel like Schmitt wanted me to go creeking!

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