Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Update...Mid November

Ed Conning getting his stroke on, ''customs"
Kayak Culture of Cody, gotta love Hot Springs

Fall update.. yes the rivers are low.. Gallatin, Madison, and Yellowstone are all still running. I have only been able to enjoy 2 of these rivers, the other has sweet goods that shall be layed to treats soon enough. besides getting in the water a couple times a week up this way the snow has just now started to fly. Good news for this spring i hope.. and for a great new hobby, snowyaking.. anyways, its November, I was able to make it to Cody for some quality IV for this time of year. Hopefully I will have something sweet planned, in the next couple of weeks, if plans turn out for the better.. so with that here's an unload.

night driving

walking up to the goods

Roberto seal launch

Beautiful day on the Rio

Cody Groms
Luke Sutton last bit of "entrance exam"

Roberto, "customs"

Beauitful water line at the hot springs

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