Monday, October 4, 2010

October in Montana

Year Round Kayaking, here on out!

Oct in Montana HD from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

Britney Hiking the trail next to "Go Right" or "mank"

I received a phone call, from my mother, today, from good ol Casper, she's worried i have become "obsessed" with kayaking, I cann't deny that. September was a Sweet month for late season boating. I was able to make it down to Gore fest with Luke, Baker, and Toft;mainly thanks to Luke for driving up to Bozeman to enjoy some Gally and pick me up. We also were able made it back into Fremont Canyon where Luke and I made the Second known full descent of the canyon.

Luke Sutton amongst it, The Jackalope

Fremont Canyon is one place i can see my self being drawn back to particularily with more H20. We enjoyed a much steeper lower canyon than we anticipated; and ate crawdad's at the take out, at least 3 miles of lake paddling in a gorgeous canyon luminated by the setting sun.. paddling out and reaching the take out by 9 was the plan and we were able to beat the time by 20 minutes, and still have time for a beer before the flatwater.
Continued to stay wet on the Gally and managed to score some laps on quake. As October aproached the amount of times i look at a map increases as well as gauges, i was wasting some time on the buzz, when i received a message from Nate, yo Pots, or soemthing i was mildly incoherent as an instant jolt of the shit i crave hit me, "Kayaking... Pots.. Stillwater.... Novalty..Pots Falls in.." is about all i could pretty much comprehend at the moment.. I love to kayak, Big Water, to the lowest shit pill mank creeks most people wouldnt care to look at(east fork elk horn creek) doesnt matter to me. Sometimes this is good but sometimes you do find yourself in places of question; brings me to this...

Author,Drop into the Wall

Glenn Watt, Drop Into the Wall

last of the upper pots

The Pots, of the Stillwater, is beautiful mile long section, of canyon, that so happens to be the put in for the woodbine; as well as the take out for the 3 day mission on the Upper Stillwater. It felt like a miniture version of Big South and PoPo Agie squeezed down to one mile. Perfect for those paddlers just needing a quick fix. Overall this Mank novalty was well worth the effort and gas from Bozeman, containing over a hand full of well placed boofs. I had pleasure of enjoying the whole creek top to bottom. Does get boney but it all goes..

Glenn Watt Dropping in

Author, Pots Falls

stoked for more mank

author, tight pot in every aspect

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