Saturday, July 10, 2010

Macho Munchies

Just another update. Casper Wyo has been going off this year. Fremont Canyon ran for the first time since 84', Luke, David, and Jason layed treats on the sweet class IV gorge.
Macho Munchies ran for the first time in 4 years and I cant say how nice it was seeing the features at the Casper Whitewater park how they are suppose to be. Deep Bouncy wave holes.
David Schmitt was on Rodeo Tour most of the summer and is Wrapping up on the slave as we speak living out of the leaky truck which is still no match to my new 93' red chevy lumina.. steezzzy , sorry for almost breaking your nose before Team Trials bro..
I, myself have been enjoying the highwater treats around the area and many many laps up the hyalite canyon before it stopped running this last week. Waters dropping out quick, so get boating!

Macho Munchies from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

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