Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Boating update

Been alot of boating going on like their should be, Henry's fork at 2200 with the GYGK's Tegue, and Austin, than ventered back to Wyoming where I am posting this.. Totally happy today just chilling and sitting back. Luke put together a great Rodeo on his birthday none the less, so found it fitting to take him out and get him into a super intimate gorge.. Fremont Canyon was def stout. trying to figure out what the aprox. flow was but the gauged outflow for Pathfinder Reservoir was reading 4800+ and depending how much was being taken undeground we estimated flows to be about 2600-2800cfs give or take a bit. Fremont Canyon has stomped my expectations.. the main gorge above the bridge contains one super choice class 4 rapid dubbed sitting bowl for the chance to sit and chill and do your thing before entering the partially unportageable gorge and the following drops are of the highest quality. The two remaining drops are amazingly stout, Class 5 paddling in an intiminating gorge due to no possible safety and some big ass sieves.
The second drop is alot steeper than it looks from the top as you scout on the way up..i dubbed this one Cali Classic due to the big water boof you stomp river right off a sweet tonge flake, onto a bad ass lateral toilet bowling feature, than get juiced back to the right... The enormious wall splits the flow making a very difficult looking eddy to exit, on river left. I remember paddling up plan was to move left to right, as we paddle to the horizon i said right due to the giant wall... The 3rd drop was originally dubbed Caveman due to the nasty shit on the right but the fact is the entire drop contains over a hand full of hidden seives.. We dubbed that biia, Geranimo for one of the toughest Natives, The Upper Canyon above the main gorge contains a sweet pool drop entrance rapid dubbed John Fremont. After that sweet entry rapid you paddle up to the would be car size boulder seive section and best way to compare it would be Royal Gorge of the Ark, and the Mad Mile section of the Gallatin at peak flows.... Big Laterals, Big pour overs, and alot of fun in general.. This run moved up my list to Top 5 which includes. Big Timber, Big South, Henry's Fork, Boxelder Creek... still got some editing too do for some Mesa and Fremont footage as well as some Rodeo action... been a really good weekend, vid and pics coming really soon.

with that i want to give a shout out to my boys GYGK and throw up the link for teague's sick vid of the Sweet action from the Henry's Fork and Lower Mesa Falls...

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Daniel Keown said...

I met the guy at the beginning of this vid at Burrito in Alpine about two weeks ago.