Sunday, May 23, 2010

Deer Creek >825cfs

Austin Woody super classy BOOF

Deer Creek is one of the most unique gems in the Casper area. Located east of Casper 20 minutes, running north from the laramie range, the creek drops through some sweet layers of earth, while the run is prodominately granite theres some other rock layers mixed in aswell. As far as flow; we estimated the flow to be close to 1000cfs. Do to the fact that Boxelder gauge was 825cfs; Deer Creek is a bigger drainage all together, w/ less irrigation before the putin. The lower canyon is the highest quality read and run, holes and boulder drops.

driving up the swichback to the put in

Austin, Dschmitt and myself arrived at the Banner ranch gate just before the beginning of the meadow between the upper deer creek plateu and the main platte basin. The weather was ideal for hiking the 2.5 to 3 miles to the put in at the beginning of the lower canyon/possible take out for the upper canyon, if resorting to plan b is the better option.

classic deer creek read and run

The canyon consisted of one main gorge after a sweet 3/4 mile of stout read and run. exiting the gorge is the crux of the run. Gilligans island leading directly into the Vorox. mostly straight forward rapids; the island is undercut and a giant sieve. After some more read and run, the squeeze box comes up on you which is a granite gorge that has the creek flowing direclty over the bedrock. It's super fast and has unusually big holes! My favorite rapid on the creek hands down. The run ends with some good read and run to the take out, where you have one long ass shuttle to the put in and back out to the interstate.

Mike and Austin vader boof blue angel

Giligans Island, V+ lead in to the vortex, its a big rock/island with pine tree growing on it is also a undercut seive.

Vortex from above

not much of a release

stayin upright on the sub

Paddling my ass off out of the pit

sweet false lip drop, with a nasty seive trap on left side of big rock, about to hit the hole and get a little rodeo action

Pre Squeeze

Austin and Mike, Squeeze Box Blue Angel

post run 307-stokage

Chillin at the take out waiting for Pops the shuttle driver

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