Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tie'n The Knot

Beautiful view of the Laramie Range
Alot of boating can happen in 4 days. specially when you are getting married.. so here's some pics and a vid of my awsome Bachelors party

Chillin between Laps

Thursday, no water in Bluegrass, went to Poudre ran one lap through uppers, 2 through middles and 7 laps thru lowers, finished the day at bridges..

Lower Cache Narrows

Friday woke up and drove to Gore because Bailey wasnt up with Ian and we popped 2 gore newbies cherries that day and we partied because we could, steak and fries over the pit..

Ian getting some Gore

Routing thru

Sat, 630am seal launch into the fog above gore , just me and my sensi, no portage no scout. 900 packing up shit to drive back to poudre..1at race meeting stoked to see everybody2pm racing and feeling the burn but still keeping leaders in sightraced 2 more heats making semis, swam in the pool after the finish line. drank up immediately, ran shuttle for my boys watched them lapand finished the night drinking beer on a shredder on bridges..

pre-race Gore

Pat Toft 630 am stoked to be at Gore

Sunday drove from fort to Clear creek and popped 3 cherries this morn, on the black rock section.. than hit the super sweet top section of Bluegrass on the drive back to the 307 this afternoon..just want to thank everybody for boating and having a killer time

Puttin Black Rock Clear Creek

Here's a sweet little vid I put together. Fun 4 days of paddling

Bachelor Party from Mike Perry on Vimeo.

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